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Mr. Saetia Hung Ping, better known as ' Ah Ping ' has prepared and cooked Shark's fin for many decades. Being The perfectionist, Chef Ping personally selects only the best, dried and skin-on blue shark's fin. He understands and is able to bring out the best qualities in the freshest ingredients.

The preparation process is long. Chef Ping ensures that every part of this process from the strong chicken soup base to the specially selected shark's fin which he painstakingly cleans and dries is taken care of. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Thai Royalty and many Thai and well-known gourmets come to his restaurant , located on Sukhumvit 21 road.

Ping's Shark's fin Restaurant is in both Bangkok and Macau. Come visit us to enjoy the best shark's fin and fine Teochew cuisine!



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