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Aad after one taste, you will instantly understand why Ping's is unrivaled! The combination of blue shark and brown sauce is unique, unlike anything you have ever experienced.

This is a successful collaboration between a Singaporean Owner who is passionate about good food and a Thai Chef with an experience of more than 45 years in one of the most competitive shark's fin markets in the world.

The ambience in Ping's is comfortable, clean and cozy and you can enjoy the exquisite cuisine dressed up or dressed down. Ping's bears hallmark values of superior quality cuisine and excellent service.

Made with a well-guarded secret special brown sauce with chicken stock base, the signature dish is the Braised Shark's Fin Comb in Claypot

which looks similar to shark's fin soup served in other restaurants at first glance;
But after one taste, you will instantly understand, why Ping's is unrivaled! 
The combination of the blue shark's fin and brown sauce is unique, unlike any taste you have ever experienced. 
Selecting only the freshest and finest ingredients, we uphold the impeccable taste of Thai-Teochew delicacies and continue to attract a loyal following from internationally acclaimed celebrities. With 2 levels of dining and private rooms available, Ping’s makes a great place for both corporate entertainment and cozy family dining.

Our other Signature dishes include the Fried Fish Maw with Prawns, Braised Goose Web & Meepok Noodles in Claypot and Braised Mashrooms on Kale. The Seafood specialities like the Vermicelli with Prawns or Crab in Claypot are also superb dishes. 

Come to Ping's Shark's Fin Restaurant to enjoy a truly outstanding and unique dining experience.

The Braised Abalone with Rice This dish with its aromatic smell of fresh seafood and hearty chunks of abalone, crab and mushroom topped with a generous amount of our perfect brown gravy is a must try and is out of this world.

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